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When a duck was seen floating on the mother’s back, Anand Mahindra said – ‘Ticketless passenger’

Be it an animal or a human being born, they need a lot of learning and education with their mother. In humans, where the mother teaches the children to walk by holding the finger, then the same animals cannot hold the finger, but along with them do not forget to train them to follow themselves and move forward. Children also understand every learning of their mother very well and become independent after becoming proficient in no time. A similar video of a duck mother with children is going viral on social media, in which she is teaching all of them to swim with her.

Mahindra Group chairperson Anand Mahindra shared a video of ducks swimming in water with their mother on their Twitter account. To which the caption was given – In India, it will be called TT. Ticketless Passengers. People liked this video very much, it has got more than 60 lakh views. Anand Mahindra is very active on social media and does not forget to highlight the best facts and lessons related to it by sharing one by one video.

Meet the ‘Ticketless Traveler’
Videos of those ducks are becoming increasingly viral on social media, where a Mother Doug is swimming in the water with a lot of her children, in fact she is engaged in teaching them the skills of swimming in water along with her. The most important thing about the video which attracted everyone’s attention is that while everyone has prepared himself in the water, the same duckling is enjoying a walk in the river riding on the back of the mother. This kid on the bus pitch caught the attention of Anand Mahindra and he shared the video with the best caption, due to which a large number of people liked and shared their opinion related to the video. Anand Mahindra called this video duck (TT) TT i.e. ticketless traveller.

‘Children’s education continues with Mother Duck’
People also wrote comments on the video and gave their views on the video of Baby Ducks learning swimming tricks with mother. One user wrote – Teachers give you education for some time but the education of loved ones teaches you to live life. The education of the children continues under the guidance of the mother. So another wrote- “The secret to success is to be like a duck, smooth and unaffected at the top, but paddling furiously at the bottom.” The character of the duck is really interesting. Even as they continue to paddle like underwater, they remain calm and maintain a happy face at all times.

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