When Aamir reached Shahrukh Khan’s Mannat, Gauri asked for dinner, then refused, the reason will surprise you

Mumbai: Shah Rukh Khan is considered a good host. When Apple CEO Tim Cook came to India in the year 2016, in his honor, Shahrukh organized a grand party at his bungalow Mannat. All the big stars of Bollywood were present in this party, Aamir Khan also came. Everyone was enjoying the party, but when it came time for dinner, Gauri Khan was also stunned by Aamir’s answer.

This story was disclosed by Aamir Khan himself. Aamir had told that ‘Once Apple CEO Tim Cook came to Shahrukh’s house and Shahrukh called me too, I went there and Gauri asked me to have dinner too, but I said I have brought my tiffin with me. And that’s what I’ll eat. Gauri was shocked at this of mine.

Gauri kept asking for dinner even after refusing
Aamir Khan had further told, ‘Despite my refusal, Gauri started insisting for dinner, then I explained to her that I am following a strict diet. This is the reason why these days I can only eat what I have brought. At dinner time I opened my tiffin and started eating with everyone. But everyone was surprised to see me eating a lot of food. Shahrukh asked after seeing my food, are you losing weight?

Aamir was following a strict diet for ‘Dangal’
Actually, in those days Aamir Khan was following a special diet to gain weight for his film ‘Dangal’. He was focusing on his diet plan while preparing for the film, so refused to eat at Shahrukh’s house. It is not just that Aamir is called Mr. Perfectionist, if it was someone else, he might have skipped his diet plan for a while. The result of this is that when ‘Dangal’ was released, it created history.

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Aamir follows a strict discipline for films
Aamir Khan works hard for each of his films and also follows strict discipline to adapt to the character. It is a different matter that the film ‘Lal Singh Chadha’, which came after a long time, could not run despite hard work.

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