When Asha Parekh threatened Dharmendra, ‘He-Man’ got scared, kept trembling and turned blue but…

New Delhi. The cheerful Asha Parekh (Asha Parekh) the love and respect he got at the time of his debut, that charm is still there. In his career, along with wealth and fame, he also earned a lot of love and association of the people. Asha Parekh, born in a Gujarati family on October 2, 1942, started her career with the film ‘Dil Dekhar Dekho’ in 1959, about 64 years ago. At that time Asha was 16 years old. Asha has shared the screen with many big stars and has given more than one film.

Do you know that Asha had married Dharmendra (Dharmendra) has also shared the screen with. Both were seen together in many films like ‘Aaya Sawan Jhoom Ke’, ‘Mera Gaon Mera Desh’, ‘Shikar’, ‘Aae Din Bahar Ke’ and ‘Samadhi’. As you all know that Dharmendra is very mischievous by his nature. Asha was the superstar of those days when he was sharing the screen with her. In such a situation, Dharmendra used to respect him a lot. Although he was also convinced of her beauty.

The stars were involved in ‘India’s Best Dancer’
This was revealed by Dharmendra in the TV dance reality show ‘India’s Best Dancer’ in the year 2021. During this he met Dharmendra Waheeda Rehman (Wahida Rahman) And participated in the show with Asha Parekh. Where these three shared many interesting stories about their personal and professional life.

When Asha Parekh collided with Dharmendra
In the show, Dharmendra also shared the story of his meeting with Asha Parekh, which made the actress blush. Dharmendra had said while talking about Asha Parekh. “One day when Asha ji was going somewhere with Biswajeet. During this time I was standing on the way and she bumped into me a little while going, my shoulders were happy. Asha Parekh blushes after listening to Dharmendra’s words and starts laughing.

Onions were eaten to hide the smell of alcohol
Further in the show, Asha Parekh told that how much dharmendra respects him , Narrating an incident that happened during the shooting of ‘Aye Din Bahar Ke’, he said that Dharmendra used to eat onions to hide the smell of alcohol. This troubles me a lot. I always used to complain. Later Dharmendra told me everything truthfully why he eats onion and I advised him not to drink alcohol and Dharmendra stopped drinking alcohol following his advice.

turning blue due to cold
In the show, Asha Parekh had said that despite being very cold, Dharmendra did not touch even a drop of alcohol. Because he promised me. There was a song in which Dharmendra ji had to dance in water. He was turning blue due to the cold. He was offered brandy but he did not drink. Because I told him that if you drink alcohol, I will leave the set. The shooting of the song lasted for two to three days. But he did not drink even a drop.

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