When Dharmendra took the help of medicine to satisfy his hunger, he had to be admitted to the hospital, the heart will sit after reading the whole story

New Delhi. Dharmendra Is called the ‘Hee Man’ of Bollywood. This actor has created such an identity with his personality and acting that no one can forget even after years. It is said that Dharmendra’s fan following was such that girls used to sleep keeping the photo of this actor under their pillow. Even Jaya Bachchan had given the status of ‘Greek God’ to this handsome hunk of Bollywood. Dilip Kumar was also so impressed with Dharmendra that once he had said that he wanted to have the same personality as Dharmendra in his next life.

This journey has not been so easy for Dharmendra, who has tasted success in the film world. There have been many ups and downs in the life of ‘He Man’ as well. The film journey of this actor, who made his debut in the film world with the 1966 film ‘Phool Aur Patthar’, has been very difficult. There was a phase in Dharmendra’s life, when this actor had to resort to medicine to satisfy his hunger. Know about that whole story…

there was often no money
Actually, this story happened during the shooting of the film ‘Dharam Veer’ in the year 1977. Directed by Manmohan Desai, there were many big actors like Dharmendra, Zeenat Aman, Jeetendra, Neetu Singh and Pran in this film. During the shooting of ‘Dharam Veer’, Dharmendra was struggling a lot to make his mark in the industry. In those days, this actor was also struggling with financial constraints.

drank constipation medicine
One day Dharmendra returned home exhausted from the shooting of the film. At that time, Dharmendra used to satisfy his hunger by eating Vada Pav most of the time, but he could not get Vada Pav because of returning late from the shooting that day. When this actor did not see any other way to satisfy his hunger, he went to sleep after getting tired. But due to hunger, Dharmendra could not even sleep, and as soon as his eyes fell on the bottle of anti-constipation medicine kept on the table next to him, he drank the entire bottle under compulsion.

It was inevitable that anyone’s health would deteriorate after drinking the entire bottle of medicine. When Dharmendra’s health deteriorated in the morning and his friends took him to the doctor, the doctor told that he needed food, not medicine. The doctor also told that Dharmendra has not eaten properly for many days.

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