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When people considered Nana Patekar a small actor, Kajol-Sridevi also rejected ‘Krantiveer’

Kalam wali bai, come to see the spectacle of my blood… How can I forget this dialogue said in the voice of Nana Patekar. There were many such strong dialogues in the film Krantiveer, which came out 28 years ago. Many actors like Nana Patekar, Dimple Kapadia, Atul Agnihotri, Mamta Kulkarni, Danny Denzongappa, Paresh Rawal were seen in this film. ‘Krantiveer’ was released in theaters on this day on 22 July 1994. In this film, the audience sees how Chatur Singh (Danny Denzongpa) wants to capture a chawl in Mumbai and build a resort on it. For this, he causes riots in the settlement. He gets Laxmidas (Paresh Rawal) living here killed. Pratap Tilak (Nana Patekar) comes forward to avenge these communal riots. The audience saw this 159-minute film with the same plot. The director of this film is Mehul Kumar who produced many famous films like Tiranga and Kohra. On the occasion of the completion of 28 years of the film Krantiveer, in the Film Friday series of Navbharat Times, we tell you about such facts which you will also be surprised to read.

Nana Patekar’s last speech was not a part of writing

28 years of Krantiveer movie

At the end of the film, Nana Patekar gives a powerful speech. Every single word goes into the heart of the audience. But you will be surprised to know that this speech was not even written while writing the script. All this happened at the last moment, which was well liked by the audience.

Nana Patekar and Paresh Rawal’s reel and real connection

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28 years of Krantiveer movie

Nana Patekar became the son of Paresh Rawal in Krantiveer. But in real life Nana Patekar is older than Paresh Rawal. There is a difference of 4 years in the age of both.

Kapil Sharma thought Nana Patekar was a freedom fighter

4 krantiveer

28 years of Krantiveer movie

Once in his show Kapil Sharma had told that, in childhood, Krantiveer often used to come on TV on the occasion of Independence Day and Republic Day. We had seen this movie many times in our childhood. I was starting to feel that Nana Patekar was a freedom fighter who helped us get freedom.

Sridevi had turned down the film

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There is also an interesting anecdote from the film Krantiveer that the character of Megha Dixit with Dimple Kapadia was offered to Sridevi but the actress turned it down. Then Dimple Kapadia played it in the end and this role was also highly praised.

Kajol rejected so this was the first title

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Mamta Kulkarni’s character in Krantiveer was first offered to Kajol by the makers but she rejected it. At the same time, the makers wanted to name the film Messiah first but they could not get the rights of this title.

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Considering Nana Patekar as a small star
The interesting anecdote of Krantiveer is that it could not be released in many places. Distributors in places like British Columbia and Canada were reluctant to release it in theaters as they felt that Nana Patekar was not a big star.


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