When Rajesh Khanna kicked his co-actor during the shooting, friendship was broken

Rajesh Khanna Kicked Amol Palekar: Actors, producers, directors are often seen telling stories during the shooting of films. There are many such stories, in which it was seen that someone developed a deep friendship with someone, then sometimes there was a tu-tu-me-me between the actors about something and later this dispute increased so much that the speech stopped. happened. One such story is of Rajesh Khanna and Amol Palekar, after which their friendship broke up. Not only this, both never worked together again.

There was a dispute during the shooting of the film Aanchal
This is the story of the film “Aanchal” which came in the year 1980. There was a scene in this film, which Amol Palekar refused to do, but Rajesh Khanna and the film’s director Anil Ganguly made a plan together and got Amol to do this scene. Well both were successful in getting this scene done, but Amol Palekar became very angry.

Rajesh Khanna and Anil Ganguly had made a plan to shoot a scene
Rajesh Khanna, Rekha, Amol Palekar, Prem Chopra and Rakhi were in the lead roles in this film. According to the directors, there was a demand for a scene in the film, under which Amol Palekar had to apologize by holding Rajesh Khanna’s feet. Not only this, while apologizing, Rajesh Khanna had to kick Amol Palekar.

Amol Palekar refused just to do this scene. However, the directors of the film tried to persuade him a lot but he did not agree. When they were completely defeated, Rajesh Khanna and Anil Ganguly made a plan. Anil Ganguly talked to Amol Palekar and convinced him that he would apologize by holding Rajesh Khanna’s knees.

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Rajesh Khanna and Amol Palekar’s friendship was broken after this incident.
According to reports, when Amol Palekar was doing the scene of apologizing by holding Rajesh Khanna’s knees during the shooting, Anil Ganguly gestured and asked Amol Palekar to kick him to the ground. Rajesh Khanna also did the same as told by the director. After this, Amol Palekar was very angry that this scene was done despite his refusal. After this incident, Amol Palekar never worked with Rajesh Khanna and Anil Ganguly. Before this incident, Rajesh Khanna and Amol had a very good relationship, but due to this incident, they were very angry and their friendship broke.

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