When Saif Ali Khan told why he married Kareena Kapoor, gave strange advice to every person, spoke openly on age gap

Khan i.e. Salman, Shah Rukh, Aamir and Saif Ali Khan have their own style in Hindi cinema and with this style they have made their own identity in Bollywood. Actor Saif Ali Khan has been in a lot of discussions for his acting as well as his love life and two marriages. First wife Amrita Singh who was 12 years older than him and second wife Kareena Kapoor Khan who was 10 years younger than him. Saif, who has married twice, has given such advice regarding the marriage of men, after listening to which you will think why Nawab Saheb is saying this. However, he has also clarified the reason behind this.

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor married in 2012. In an interview in 2014, Saif was asked whether marrying Kareena was the ‘best thing’ that happened to him. Along with this, he talked about the age gap and told, it was ‘quite clear’ why it was a ‘fantastic thing’.

When Saif said marrying Kareena was my best decision
Saif Ali Khan is one of those stars who is outspoken. During an interview, he had given a frank opinion on marrying a girl 10 years younger than him. In the interview, when he was asked whether marrying Kareena was a good decision in his life. On this the actor said that this is the best decision of my life.

Saif gave this advice to men
When he was asked in the interview that what is age affects their relationship? On this question, he had said, ‘I would advise all men to marry a woman much younger than me and more beautiful. Explaining the reason behind this, the actor had said that because women mature sooner than men and men are a little late.

Why Bebo doesn’t want to romance an older star onscreen
At the same time, Kareena Kapoor once talked about romance with a man older than her in Karan Johar’s show. Bebo had said that she would not like to romance an older person onscreen, as Saif himself is 10 years older than her.

Saif married first in 1992 and second in 2012.
In 1992, Saif married actress Amrita Singh. Saif married his actress for 12 years. He also had two children from this marriage, Sara Ali Khan and Ibrahim Ali Khan. But then there was a rift in their relationship and in the year 2004, both of them got divorced. After the divorce, he married again in the year 2012 and made Kareena, 10 years younger than him, his partner.

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