When Sanjay Dutt went shirtless to beat the goons present in the crowd, people ran away seeing the reason was blood-boiling

New Delhi. Even before stepping into Hindi films, Sanjay Dutt (Sanjay DuttDue to drug addiction, remained in the discussion. After appearing in the film, he made a lot of headlines due to the incident of shooting at Rajesh Khanna in a state of intoxication. It is said that after all these incidents, Sanjay decided to give up drugs and started focusing on his career. Then the whole world thought that Junior Dutt had learned to control his anger. However, it was not so because only then in the year 1990, a big sensational news came out, which everyone was shocked to know. There was news that in order to kill some people present in the crowd during the shooting, Sanjay Dutt took out a sword in anger and threatened to kill them. In the 90s, this news had spread like wildfire.

The incident took place in Nashik when Sanjay Dutt was shooting for the film ‘Jeene Do’ with actresses Farah and Sonam.jeene do) were shooting. It is said that many important scenes were such that they were being shot in congested parts of the city. The crowd there was super notorious. Whenever Sanjay used to start his shot, the people there used to tease him. He also kept commenting on Sanjay’s bad acting. Later, a group of mischievous elements present in the crowd started making personal comments about Sanjay’s family. With this, he started targeting Sanjay by taunting. The group did not spare even Farah and Sonam. Just listening to the taunts and comments of the goons, Sanjay started losing his temper and kept looking angrily at that particular group.

Instigated Sanjay and instigated him to fight
The limit was reached when those goons in the crowd instigated Sanjay and started inciting him to fight. Those goons started threatening Sanjay to come out of the shooting unit and fight him like a film hero. However, even then Sanjay remained calm and continued shooting. Finally the short ended and they went back to their hotel room that day.

Sanjay knew it wouldn’t end by then
The next day the same goons were waiting for Sanjay Dutt and his team since morning. This time their number was more. It was very difficult for Sanjay to shoot and keep his cool. Fortunately that day, he had very few scenes to shoot and was given a break from the shoot by afternoon. Somehow the day passed and when it was evening, those goons started troubling him again. Sanjay knew that this would not end until he took some serious steps against them.

Sanjay took off his shirt and started shouting
Next morning Sanjay Dutt reached the shooting location a little early and started waiting for these goons. After some time the goons also reached and then started teasing Sanjay and inciting him to fight again. This time Sanjay accepted his challenge and stepped out of his shooting set. before those goons said anything else Sanjay took out a long and shining sword and held it in his hand., Like his reel-life image, Sanjay took off his shirt and started shouting. He challenged these people to come in front of him and swore that he would not spare anyone. Seeing Sanjay’s anger, the present also got scared. There those goons started running here and there in fear. Within ten minutes the entire atmosphere of the shooting set changed. There was complete silence in the crowd standing there to see the set. However, after this Sanjay resumed his shooting and kept shooting outside there for a few days.

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