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When Sunny Deol tore his pants in anger, there was chaos on the set seeing fear, the team ran away!

Actor Sunny Deol made his Bollywood debut with the film ‘Betaab’ about 39 years ago. This film made Sunny Deol an overnight star. Sunny Deol’s pairing with Amrita Singh was well-liked in the film. In the nineties, Sunny Deol gave many back-to-back hits, ranging from ‘Tridev’ to ‘Arjun’, ‘Dacoit’, ‘Ghayal’, ‘Lootere’, Jeet’, ‘Ghatak’, ‘Border’ and Movies like ‘Ziddi’ are included. Another film among those hit films is ‘Darr’, in which apart from Sunny Deol, Shahrukh Khan was there. The film was a super hit, but Sunny Deol got angry about one thing. Sunny Deol also had a fight with the director of the film Yash Chopra. The matter had increased so much that Sunny Deol tore his own pants in anger and a stampede broke out on the set.

After all, what happened that made Sunny Deol so angry at that time? After all, why didn’t Sunny Deol do another film with Yash Raj Films after ‘Dar’? Sunny Deol’s 66th (Happy Birthday Sunny Deol) birthday is on 19 October. On this occasion, know this anecdote of the actor’s life, whose tease remained in his heart for many years. Because of this, Sunny Deol even stopped talking to Shahrukh Khan.

Sunny Deol, Juhi Chawla and Shahrukh Khan were all three fear films. Photo: Instagram

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The set of ‘Darr’ and the story of Sunny Deol’s horror
It has been said that on the sets of ‘Darr’, the entire unit of the film, including the director and even Shah Rukh Khan, used to be scared of Sunny Deol. Everyone was afraid of Sunny Deol’s anger. When Sunny Deol was asked about this in ‘Aap Ki Adalat’, the actor told the whole story.

darr movie

Shah Rukh Khan and Sunny Deol in Darr, Photo: YouTube/YRF

Debate with Yash Chopra on the climax scene

Sunny Deol had said, ‘The fear would be because there was a flaw in him. Sometimes such things happen. When I do not understand something or feel that there is something inside it, then I get restless. The same thing happened in this film where I was doing a scene. The scene where Shahrukh stabs me. I had a lot of debate about that scene. I tried to explain, look, I am a commando officer and I am such an expert. I am so fit and this guy (Shah Rukh Khan) is how can it kill me?’

srk juhi

Shah Rukh Khan and Juhi Chawla in Darr, Photo: ETimes

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Got angry on this matter and tore pants

Sunny Deol further said, ‘I mean he can kill, but only when I am not watching. But I am watching him and he will stab me so where am I the commando? So I was having an argument (with Yash Chopra) about those things. I respect and respect elders a lot. I didn’t know what to do because I can’t tell them anything. So at that time I was so angry that I put my hands in my jeans. And I did not know that I was so angry that my entire pants were torn.

There was chaos on the set
According to Sunny Deol, seeing her condition like this, there was a lot of panic on the set. Sunny Deol said, ‘I saw that someone ran away here in fear and someone ran there. While I was not saying anything to anyone. I couldn’t understand myself what I was doing wrong.

Spoke to Shahrukh Khan but said this thing

When Sunny Deol was asked that it was true that he had not spoken to Shah Rukh Khan for 16 years since ‘Darr’? On this Sunny Deol had said, ‘It is not at all that I stopped talking to Shahrukh. Anyway, where do I socialize so much that I meet someone. So sometimes we have not met anywhere, then there is no point in not talking. On the professional front, Sunny Deol was recently seen in ‘Chup: Revenge of the Artist’. Soon he will be seen in films like ‘Gadar 2’, ‘Suriya’ and ‘Baap’.



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