When the director encountered the real ‘Darr’, made such a horror film, the actress went missing, has been missing for 35 years


During this, Shyam tried to talk to that girl, but she did not give any reply and when Shyam’s eyes went to that girl’s feet, he was surprised, because that girl’s leg was upside down. Shyam got very nervous and suddenly stopped the car and then that girl got out of the car and ran somewhere in the dark. Shyam made ‘Veerana’ after 5 years on this incident, because such a story has been shown in the film as well. On the other hand, this is the same film, after the release of which actress Jasmine, who played the role of a witch in this film, is not known till date. No one knows where the actress Jasmine suddenly disappeared. He has been missing for 35 years.

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