Where were the earth with ‘Dil Ka Kya Kasoor’ missing? Divya Bharti’s hero revealed 13 year old secret

Do you remember actor Prithvi? The same Prithvi, who made his Bollywood debut with Divya Bharti starrer ‘Dil Ka Kya Kasoor’? The pairing of Prithvi and Divya Bharti was very much liked in this film. The film was a super hit and Prithvi became an overnight star. After this film in the year 1992, Prithvi got offers from many films. Many big projects were near Prithvi. Despite this, Prithvi could not become a big actor of Bollywood. He was confined to small roles in films and then disappeared from films.

Prithvi’s last film came in 2008 and since then where and in what condition he is, no one knew anything. Very few people would know that Prithvi’s career was ruined due to a contract. This was disclosed by the actor in an interview.

In the Tuesday Tadka series of Navbharat Times Online, we are telling you about actor Prithvi and his same contract that made him stay away from Bollywood. Prithvi is far away from the eyes of Bollywood for 14 years. But last year he told in an interview that what happened to him in Bollywood. Apart from this, Prithvi also talked about his first heroine, Divya Bharti.

Actor Prithvi’s latest photo, Credits: YouTube

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That’s why Prithvi got away from Bollywood
According to Prithvi, his film career got ruined due to a contract. The contract was such, due to which big films got out of his hands and he could not do anything. Regarding this, Prithvi said in a conversation with a YouTube channel named ‘Jhakkas Bollywood’ in 2021, ‘I was stuck in a contract, which became very difficult to get out of. And what was my peak time, he had kept mine tied up. I had not disappeared. I was always alive in the hearts of you guys, in the hearts of my loved ones. In my luck, all those films did not last because I was stuck in the contract.

prithvi divya bharti photo

Prithvi and Divya Bharti, Photo: Twitter@BombayBasanti

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Many films were offered, the contract ruined
Prithvi told that after the film ‘Dil Ka Kya Kasoor’ became a hit, he saw such stardom, which he had never imagined. He felt as if he was having a dream. According to Prithvi, after ‘Dil Ka Kya Kasoor’, the makers offered him and Divya Bharti’s pair many films. Everyone was anxious to cast both of them in his film, but due to the contract, he could not sign a film. The contract ruined Prithvi’s career.

prithvi divya bharti

Divya Bharti and Prithvi, Photo: Twitter

Girls would lie down in front of the car, ask for autographs
Although Prithvi is happy that only for a short time, he can taste stardom like Amitabh Bachchan and Rajesh Khanna. Recalling that small phase of his stardom, Prithvi had said, ‘That period was such a period that it seemed that I was dreaming. The girls used to lie down in front of the car I used to go by. They used to say that we will not let you go until you give us an autograph, don’t take a picture with us. I was also shocked that such following also happens.

divya prithvi

Prithvi with Divya Bharti in Dil Ka Kya Kasoor, Photo: Twitter@BombayBasanti

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Prithvi was offered ‘Darr’ and ‘Deewana’
But Prithvi is sorry that in the affair of the contract, many such films came out of his hands, which later became blockbusters and made careers of many actors. According to Prithvi, he was offered many films like ‘Darr’ and ‘Deewana’. But the contract was such that not only kept him away from films but also from Mumbai. But Prithvi still remained in films till 1996 and then made a distance. A few years later, he got films like ‘Maa Tujhe Salaam’, ‘Aaj Ka Andha Kanoon’ and ‘Khanjar: The Knife’. But in this, he got the side role of someone’s friend, someone’s cousin and sometimes inspector. Prithvi was last seen in the film ‘Jimmy’ in 2008 and then said goodbye to Bollywood. Prithvi now wants to return. Prithvi had said that he wants to entertain people, whether he does it by becoming an actor or a filmmaker. He has some stories and if given a chance, he would definitely like to make a film.

prithvi divya bharti

Bharti Singh and Divya Bharti, Photo: Twitter@tipsofficial)

Said this thing about friend Divya Bharti
Prithvi mostly lived in Bangalore instead of Mumbai due to his contract. Because of this, Prithvi could not even meet Divya Bharti for the last time. Divya Bharti died on 5 April 1993. She had fallen from the fifth floor of her apartment in Mumbai. Prithvi had a good friendship with Divya Bharti. Remembering Divya, Prithvi had told, ‘She was a very nice girl, she was friendly. She was cheerful. We both had good friendship with each other. Don’t know what was written in luck that she left us at a very young age. I was not in Mumbai during his last days. Went to Bangalore. Was in contract, didn’t stay here much.

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