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Who is Priyanka Chopra’s bodyguard, whose stature and status is no less than a star

Global star Priyanka Chopra recently returned to India after three years. He spent many days in the country and also visited many cities. She appeared busy due to UNICEF and many other works. From the paparazzi to the fans were quite eager to get a glimpse of Priyanka Chopra. Along with Priyanka Chopra, her bodyguard also caught everyone’s attention on this trip. Like a companion with the actress, her bodyguard supported her every moment and looked very strict in security. Now there is a constant discussion of Priyanka Chopra’s bodyguard on social media. After all, who is he and due to what ability he has been given the responsibility of protecting global star Priyanka Chopra. Let’s say everything.

First of all, know that Priyanka Chopra’s bodyguard’s name is Kfir Golden. Who looks absolutely handsome and fitness is no less than a wrestler. Kefir with tall stature is a resident of Israel. He has been trained from Military School for four years.

Priyanka Chopra’s bodyguard has served in the Israel Army

Before being part of the Kefir Security Agency, he had also served in the Israeli Army. Yes, according to the report of Hindustan Times, Kefir has also been a part of the Golden Israel Army. He has served in the Gevati (a unit of the Defense Force of Israel). This is the reason why they are considered perfect in terms of security.

The merits of Priyanka Chopra’s bodyguard will become a fan
Kefir is also quite promising in the Curve Maga form of the Golden Israel Martial Art. This martial art was originally developed by Israel. In this training you are taught how to do self defense. It is a mix of judo, karate and other forms.

Security company of Priyanka Chopra’s bodyguard
Kefir runs a company related to security solutions. His company name is SAFE 4 U, in which he is also the Founder and Managing Director. This company takes care of the security of high-profile people. This company also charges a hefty fee for this. There is also a video of a safe security on YouTube, in which Kafir is seen talking about his company and some of his team members.

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Kefir Golden shy away from social media
Kefir Golden has been associated with the Jonas family for many years and is now entrusted with the security of Priyanka Chopra. Kefir, who handles the security of high profile celebrities, himself avoids social media.



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