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Why did father Yash Johar lash out at signing the cheque? Karan Johar disclosed – learned after father’s death..

Karan Johar Remembers Father: Filmmaker Karan Johar has often said that he does not know the finances of his production house Dharma Productions, and that this side of the business is handled by his friend and business partner Apoorva Mehta.

Recently, KJo shared that though he is credited with building an ’empire’ with Dharma Productions, he actually took control of things only after his father Yash Johar passed away. Prior to this he was so ignorant of financial matters that he once signed his check with ‘lots of love’.

There is no information about Dharma’s finance.

Speaking to Twinkle Khanna for Tweak India, Karan shared how he lived in his father’s shadow before his demise in 2004. He admitted that he had no knowledge about the money and finance of Dharma Productions when his father was alive. He also narrated an incident which made his father furious.

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Karan shared, “I came from my first award show and I signed a lot of autographs, rather it was fun doing it. Those were the non-selfie days. I came back to the office and my father asked me to sign some cheques. I signed ‘Lots of Love’ on the cheque. So my father came in and said, ‘They don’t want your love, they want your money.’

Why was the father scolded for signing the cheque?

Karan said, “I was so used to signing autographs that I wrote ‘Bhoot Sara Pyaar’. When my father passed away, I sat in my office and met my chartered accountant for the first time.” Twinkle told Karan that even after all these years she is still bad with money and finance. To this, Karan said that he is aware of this fact, and he often talks about it with none other than Twinkle’s husband Akshay Kumar. Lecture is given by

Earlier, during the recent seventh season finale of Koffee With Karan, KJo had said that he has no idea about his bank balance. He said that he and Apoorva run Dharma Productions like siblings.

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