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Why is the ‘Restaurant on Wheels’ of Indian Railways special? Know how to reach here


The ‘Restaurant on Wheels’ is open 24 hours a day.
restaurant on wheel interior

Restaurant on Wheels: Indian Indian Railways Restaurant on Wheels has been started from the railway station of Asansol, West Bengal. This is the first railway station in the country where the railways has opened a restaurant on wheels. As the name suggests, there is a whole restaurant inside the railway coach. Whose exterior and interior are breathtaking. The name of this restaurant is -‘Aahar’ and it is open to all.

It was started from 26 February 2020. One such restaurant was also opened in Nagpur Division on 4th February 2020. Let us know what is its specialty.

Who can get the benefit of Indian Wheels?

The benefits of Indian Railways Restaurant on Wheels will be for the passenger. Along with this, the general public will also be able to take advantage of the restaurant. In this restaurant, passengers will be able to get non-veg food along with veg.

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Indian Railways restaurant on wheels made of memo coach

The coaches of the Memo train, which do not run on the track or have become useless, have been given a new look by taking them off the track. By giving the name Restaurant on Wheels, it has been prepared for the passengers coming to the railway station so that the passengers can sit here and feel good.

What is special about Restaurant on Wheels?

In order to attract the passengers coming to the station, excellent interior designing has been done in it. It has been given a nice look by decoration, so that more and more common people can also reach here and enjoy the restaurant on wheels.

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How much does Restaurant on Wheels earn?

Indian Railways has decorated the restaurant on wheels in such a way that people would like to come here even if they do not want to.

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