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Workers absconding with diamond found in Dhanbad’s coal mine! The photo went viral on social media, the officer denied


news of diamond getting from coal mine in dhanbad
Diamond’s photo is going viral on social media
Officials said – false news, this cannot happen

Dhanbad. There is news of getting a precious white diamond in the colliery of BCCL of Dhanbad, popularly known as the capital of black coal. It is being said that two laborers have found diamonds in the hilltop outsourcing coal mine of Kanakani Colliery under BCCL Area 5. As soon as people came to know about this news, other people around also reached there to see it and someone took a photo of the diamond and posted it on social media. This post is going viral. However, the BCCL official has denied the confirmation of the diamond. He said that this discussion went on throughout the day, but no such thing has come to the fore officially.

Kanakani Colliery Project Officer Avadhesh Kumar said that he has also got information that diamonds have been found from the colliery, but he does not confirm it. That item has not been brought before them. Together it cannot happen that the diamond goes out in the colliery. He said that it is a rumour. It can be a shiny metal but it can never be a diamond. In the history till date, no diamond has ever been found from the colliery.

After getting the diamond, the workers left the area
Two young laborers who got the diamond have left the area. Where are they now, and what are they doing? This information could not be found. People told that both have left Madnadih. After leaving the area of ​​both the laborers, the talk of getting the diamond has gained strength. The same thing happened throughout the time among the people of the area. Here in BCCL too, there were discussions between the high officials about the incident of getting the diamond and the claims related to it.

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