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World Tourism Day 2022: ‘World Tourism Day’ is being celebrated today, send these wishes to your loved ones, read some poetry


Today (27 September) ‘World Tourism Day’ is being celebrated all over the world.
The theme of ‘World Tourism Day 2022’ is ‘Rethinking Tourism’.

Happy World Tourism Day 2022: Today (27 September) ‘World Tourism Day’ is being celebrated all over the world. The special purpose behind celebrating this day is to promote the tourism industry. In this, to find new employment opportunities, to provide employment to the people in this area and to make people aware about the importance of tourism and travel. Tourism contributes a lot to the economic development of most countries of the world. There are many countries whose main source of income is tourism. Tourism not only makes any country financially strong, but through this, it also gives a chance to know and understand each other’s culture, civilization, living, etc. at the international level.

Since when is World Tourism Day being celebrated?

World Tourism Day was started in 1979 by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). The official celebration of ‘World Tourism Day’ started in the year 1980. Since then, this day is celebrated every year on 27 September all over the world. To raise awareness and understand its importance in how tourism affects the social, cultural, political and economic spheres of a country and the international community.

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what is the theme of this time

Every year this day is celebrated with a different theme. The theme of ‘World Tourism Day 2022’ this year is ‘Rethinking Tourism’.

Happy Message of ‘World Tourism Day’

Increase tourism employment opportunities
Happy ‘World Tourism Day’ to all.

The person who thinks about the travel expenses, he cannot fully enjoy the journey.
Greetings on ‘World Tourism Day’.

Traveling leads to change of place, due to which the mind gets new power, energy. Positive thoughts come in the mind, which gives happiness.
Greetings to all on ‘World Tourism Day’.

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when we go to a tourist place
So learn and understand the business, civilization, culture there.
Happy ‘World Tourism Day 2022’.

When a person goes to visit another country,
Then a lot is known about that country.
Congratulations on ‘World Tourism Day 2022’.

Shayari on ‘World Tourism Day’

Where is the life of the world after traveling?
If life is anything then where is this youth?
-Khwaja Mir Dard

make a new journey
Now to make way to the sky
-Shahbaz Khwaja

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