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Zeenat Aman did not get permission to attend husband’s funeral, mother-in-law and sister-in-law wanted to punish

Zeenat Aman was counted in the list of biggest and glamorous actresses of her time. Apart from her professional life, Zeenat Aman has also been in the limelight for her personal life. Zeenat Aman, who was seen in films like ‘Hare Rama Hare Krishna’, ‘Satyam Shivam Sundaram’, ‘The Great Gambler’, has been in news for her ups and downs in her personal life more than her glamorous looks on screen. Zeenat Aman’s married life was not as glamorous as her film career, but her life was quite turbulent. First married to Sanjay Khan, the relationship broke up and then married to Mazhar Khan. His relationship with Mazhar Khan lasted for almost 15 years, but he never thought that the end would be so bad.

Going against the family and marrying Mazhar Khan

Zeenat Aman married Bollywood actor Mazhar Khan of the 70s. It is said that Zeenat Aman went against her family and married Mazhar Khan. In the year 1985, Zeenat Aman decided to marry Mazhar Khan at the peak of her career and everyone who heard this news was surprised. After marriage, gradually their relationship soured and they parted ways.

Till a scuffle between the two

As it is often common in film couples, after marriage, both of them started seeing each other’s shortcomings more. Controversy started increasing between the two over small things and it is said that many times there used to be a scuffle between the two. Zeenat also had two children from Mazhar.

Zeenat and Mazhar met on the sets of the film ‘Shaan’
Let us tell you that Mazhar Khan is counted among the Bollywood actors of the 70s, whom people still remember from the famous song ‘Abdul Hai Mera Naam, Sabki Khabar Rakta Hoon’ from the film ‘Shaan’. He started his career with the 1979 film ‘Sampark’. It is said that Zeenat and Mazhar met on the sets of the film ‘Shaan’.

Zeenat Aman told why she decided to get married
Zeenat Aman, who reached Simi Grewal’s show, talked openly about her marriage and told what happened after all that she decided to marry Mazhar. Zeenat told, ‘At that time I was ready to become a mother more than anything else. I wanted a child the most and to be honest, the biggest reason was that I had decided to get married. Because I really believe that there is only one meaning of marriage and that is to start a family. At that time I considered myself completely ready for marriage and so I did.

Said- Did not get permission to attend husband’s funeral
Zeenat also spoke on the death of Mazhar in the year 1998 and told why they had parted before. Zeenat alleged that Mazhar had become addicted to those medicines which doctors used to write on the prescription. He died of kidney disease. Zeenat told that she was not even allowed to attend her husband’s funeral.

‘Mazhar’s mother and sister wanted to punish me for leaving him’
Zeenat said, ‘Simi, I was not prepared for his death. I also fought very hard so that he could stay alive. I was sure how much he would get and he would be saved. But he died because of this. He further added, ‘And the worst was that they didn’t even let me have his last darshan. His mother and sister wanted to punish me for leaving him. A man to whom I had given many years of my life, he was the father of my child, but when I asked if I could come, I was told – no, you cannot come here, you cannot pay homage to him. There was a lot of anger, bitterness and hatred from their side.

Mazhar wanted Zeenat to stop working in films
It is said that Mazhar wanted Zeenat to say bye to Bollywood after marriage, but she was not ready for this and she flatly refused. The discussion has also been such that due to these things, the situation between both of them even came to a standstill. Mazhar died on 16 September 1998 due to kidney failure.



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