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BYJU appointed football star Lionel Messi as global brand ambassador, hence this step

BYJU’s Global Brand Ambassador: world leading education Technology company BYJU has appointed football star and global sports icon Lionel Messi as its first global brand ambassador. This agreement has been done for the company’s global brand Education for All. Let us tell you that Messi is a big star of the football world, whose popularity is less to be said about it. millions around the world There are fans. Messi, who plays from Paris Saint-Germain and captain of the Argentine football team, has signed this agreement with Byju’s to promote equal education.

Byju became the sponsor of FIFA

This association with Messi, one of the world’s most famous players, can take the company to new heights. The company’s mission is to make education accessible and affordable to all. Star player has participated in this mission. Even before this agreement, the company had associated with football. Byju in the FIFA World Cup 2022 earlier this year History was created by becoming the official sponsor.

Has a large number of followers

Let us tell you that football is a game that has the most fans around the world. According to media reports, football has 3.5 billion fans world wide, while Messi’s fan following alone is 450 million. Obviously the company’s association with this game and this player can bring many benefits to him. The purpose of the company can reach the masses through this player.

Why choose Messi

Why Byju Company chose Messi, he has always had the urge to learn. The company believes that Messi is such a player who always believes in learning and due to this habit, many possibilities have been discovered in the game of football. In the world of football, Messi is known as the best pacer, best dribbler and best free-kick taker.

Messi believes in learning every day

Messi attributes his success to his commitment to learning every day. Their learning habit, game study and work ethics are some of the reasons which give them success time and again. This is the reason that he has millions of fans in the world, whose number is increasing day by day. Byju’s company can now also benefit from this fame of Messi.

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