Dream of making a car, this course will get you a job in the world’s top automobile companies

Career in Automobile Sector: Everyone dreams of buying a car. But hardly a few people dream of making a car. The number of cars is increasing everyday on the roads of India, if reports are to be believed then their number will increase further in the coming times. In such a situation, employment in this area will also increase. So why don’t you study in such a way that in future you will get a job in the world’s top car making automobile companies. Today in this article, we will tell you about some such courses, after doing which you can do a good job in any automobile company.

automobile engineering

When you go to take admission in B.Tech, you are asked to choose a specialization. Most of the children choose either computer science, or electrical and mechanical. If you want to work in a car manufacturing company in future, then you should complete your B.Tech with automobile specialization. However, many times the college from which you are studying does not have a specialization in automobiles. In such a situation, if you do not have the option of changing the college, then you can do your further studies i.e. M.Tech from a college where there is automobile specialization.

Can do job even after doing ITI

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It is not necessary that you have done engineering from automobile, only then you will get a job in car manufacturing companies. Even if you have done ITI from a good college, you can still get a job in a car manufacturing company. Although, this job is below the rank of engineer, but the salary is also very good in this. There are many such ITI colleges in the country, where these automobile companies go for placements every year. Therefore, while taking admission in ITI, make sure that you study in the same college where such companies come annually to give jobs to children.

car designing course

Building a car does not just mean that you assemble its structure or make its small parts. In reality, cars are made by the same people who design them. The cars you see running on the roads have been designed by a designer, even all the parts used in them are first designed by a designer, after that they are prepared in the companies and then assembled into a complete car. takes form. If you want, you can also do a diploma course for car designing. Or you can also learn it in your BTech and MTech program.

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