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During 2020-21, more than 20 thousand schools were locked, the number of teachers also decreased: Ministry of Education

New Delhi: More than 20,000 schools across the country were closed during 2020-21, while the number of teachers has also registered a decline of 1.95 percent as compared to the previous year. This information was given in a new report of the Ministry of Education. The report of Integrated District Education Information System Plus (UDISE-Plus) for school education in India 2021-22 also mentioned that only 44.85 percent of schools have computer facility while about 34 percent have internet connection.

The report released on Thursday said, “The total number of schools in 2021-22 is 14.89 lakh as compared to 15.09 lakh in 2020-21. The decline in the number of schools is mainly in private and other management schools.” Due to closure.”

It said that only 27 per cent schools have toilets for children with special needs (CSWNs) and 49 per cent of them have ramps and climbing support facilities.

Detailing the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on enrollment, the report said, “While the impact of COVID has hit everyone, it is especially seen in the enrollment of young and vulnerable children such as pre-primary classes. This fall The reason for this may be due to the postponement of admissions due to Kovid-19.

The report said that a total of 25.57 crore students were enrolled in schools from primary to higher secondary in 2021-22 while 25.38 crore students were enrolled in the year 2020-21. It said that an increase of 19.36 lakhs has been registered in the number of students enrolled in this way.

According to the report, the total number of teachers has also declined by 1.95 per cent in 2021-22 as compared to 2020-21. It said that the total number of teachers was 95.07 lakh in 2021-22, which was 97.87 lakh in 2020-21.



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