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MARCOS Commando: MARCOS training is tougher than you think, know who can apply and salary


  • Only 1 applicant out of a thousand can become a Marcos commando.
  • 3 years is tough training like hell.
  • Excellent salary and facilities are available.

MARCOS Commandos are considered one of the best commandos in India. It is a special force of the Indian Navy. It is known as MARCOS or Marine Commandos (earlier known as Marine Commando Force or MCF). It specializes in underwater and sub-anti-piracy operations to counter terrorism. At the same time, they also carry out their operations on the ground. He was instrumental in Operation Vijay during the Kargil War. Come, know how these commandos are trained and how much salary they get.

Formation of Marcos
This special force of the Indian Navy was formed in 1987. The training of MARCOS Commandos is so extensive that they are used in everything from terrorism, navy operations, and anti-piracy operations. In some respects, they are considered even better than the US Navy SEALs. His motto is: “The Few The Fearless”. It is said that out of 1000 soldiers of the army, only one can become a Marcos commando. This means it is very difficult to get selected in it.

marcos commando selection process
The selection process of Marcos commandos is quite tough. Any employee of the Indian Navy can apply to become a commando, provided the applicant is not more than 20 years of age. The applying candidate has to undergo a physical fitness test and qualifying test on the first three days. About 90 percent of the candidates who apply get rejected here.

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Marcos commandos get training like this
The training of Marcos commandos is very tough. From here the candidates have to go through a tough exam of 5 weeks. Which is so painful that people even compare it to hell. In this process, the trainee is not allowed to get enough sleep and is made to work hard. In this phase those who do not run away from training are selected for actual training.

Marcos’ training is 3 years
The survivors are given the actual training of Marcos, which lasts for about 3 years. During this training, he has to run 800 meters by entering the mud till his thighs carrying a load of 25 kg on his shoulder. After this, these jawans are given two training named “Halo” and “Haho”. In the “Hello” jump, the jawan has to cover about 11 km. While jumping on the ground from a height of a height of 8 km, in the “Haho” jump, the jawan has to cover 8 km. You have to jump from a height of altitude and open your parachute within 8 seconds.

Training takes place in Agra and Kochi
The trainees of Marcos commandos are given para jumping at the Paratrooper Training School, Agra. At the same time, for diving training, he gets training at the Naval Diving School in Kochi. The training of MARCOS commandos includes open and close circuit diving, advanced weapons skills, demolition, endurance training and basic commando skills including martial arts, aerial training, intelligence training, submarine craft operations, offshore operations, counter-terrorism operations, from submarines Steering, skydiving, various specialized skills like language training, convention method, explosive handling techniques etc. The family members of the candidates who are selected in the MARCOS commands are also informed about this. They have to keep their identity hidden. Most of the training of MARCOS commandos takes place at INS Abhimanyu (Mumbai). Other major centers for their training are located at Goa, Kochi, Visakhapatnam and Port Blair.

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marcos commando salary
The salary of Marcos commandos depends on their deployment. According to the 7th Pay Commission, his basic salary is Rs 25,000/-. Apart from this, he will also get Ship Diving Allowance- +8.500 to Rs.10,000/-, Marcos Allowance- Rs.25,000/-, 20% of basic pay if posted in hard area, + if posted in hyperactive area then hyperactive. Field Area Allowance- Rs.16,900/-, If posted in the field area, Field Area Allowance- Rs.10,500/- is available. It can be said that they get a salary of lakhs of rupees per month.

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