Now MBBS studies will be done in Hindi also, students of this state can get gift at the end of September

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60-70% MBBS students in the state are from Hindi medium.


  • Madhya Pradesh will make MBBS study in Hindi medium.
  • The session will start at the end of September.
  • MP will be the first state to do so.
If you also aspire to become a doctor and get frustrated because of being a Hindi medium, then there is a good news for you. Now Madhya Pradesh will also offer MBBS education in Hindi language. Andhra Pradesh will become the first state after independence to offer medical education in Hindi (MBBS In Hindi). All interested candidates should note that this can be applied from the academic session which starts at the end of September.

Dr. Manohar Bhandari says that 60-70 percent of the students taking admission in MBBS course in the state are from Hindi medium only. According to an official of the Medical Education Department of Andhra Pradesh, according to the new academic session, 4000 students of first year MBBS in private and government colleges of the state can get the opportunity to study from English as well as Hindi books. Is.

It was announced on 26 January by CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan regarding this initiative of better education and equality of Hindi and English. MBBS education will be done in Hindi also it does not mean that MBBS will not be taught in English at all. MBBS will be taught in English as before. An official of the Medical Education Department said that the work of translating the already running books of three established English writers into Hindi is almost complete.

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