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People being fired from jobs in IT sector, jobs of lakhs are at stake

IT Layoff: After the year 2008, once again the threat of economic market is looming around the world. Especially real estate, food and IT companies are very scared about this. As a result, more than 32,000 technical workers have lost their jobs in the US as of July. People who lost jobs include employees of big tech companies like Microsoft, Meta. According to data from Crunchbase, as of the end of September, more than 44,000 employees have been cut in the US tech sector.

According to media reports, Microsoft is once again planning to lay off about 1,000 employees. At the same time, Bloomberg reported that Intel may also lay off about 20,000 employees. The layoffs also include ride-sharing platforms Uber, Netflix and several cryptocurrency exchange platforms.

layoffs in the last few months

  • Since April 1 this year, 342 tech companies/startups have laid off more than 43,000 employees.
  • The number of Indians in 43000 is about 13%.
  • In India, more than 25,000 people have lost their jobs since the pandemic began. At the same time, this year this figure has exceeded 11,500.
  • In India, Unacademy (1,150 employees), BYJU’S (550 in toppers and whitehat juniors) and Vedantu (624), Ola (about 500), healthcare startups MFine (600) and Cars24 have laid off 600 employees.
  • Apart from these, Meesho, MPL, Trail and Blinkit (now owned by Zomato) have also laid off employees.

statistics around the world

  • According to the report of layoffs.fyi, since January 01, 2022, 703 startups have fired at least 92,558 people.
  • According to TechCrunch, layoffs in the tech sector increased to over 44,000.
  • According to TechCrunch, Nome Company is laying off about 10% of its workforce, or about 500 employees.
  • Spotify is laying off 5% of its podcast staff. Along with this, 11 original podcasts will be canceled.

However, in the era of this economic crisis, this list is very long, which we can only guess.

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