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Reliance General Insurance brought this great policy for students who want to study abroad, will help your child in every trouble

Studying abroad has become very popular among Indian parents and students. According to the data of the Ministry of External Affairs, till March 20, 2022, 1.33 Indian students left the country for higher education. The number of students studying abroad is increasing day by day. According to the US Mission in India, a record breaking 82,000 student visas were issued to Indians in 2022.

The challenges in a new country are a matter of concern, but there are steps that can be taken to ensure the safety of students abroad. One of those important steps is to invest in a good travel insurance plan for your child so that all their needs can be met.

Reliance General Insurance Travel Care Policy offers students maximum coverage for various situations while traveling abroad, whether the student travels alone or with their family. Students may face many problems while studying abroad. This policy provides coverage for dealing with problems like Emergency Medical Treatment, Accidental Injury, Passport Loss, Baggage Loss etc. With the help of all these benefits, students will be able to comfortably go abroad and complete their studies. Let us know about every benefit associated with this policy.

Custom Made Plans- You can choose from Platinum, Gold, Silver, Standard and Basic plans of the policy as per the requirement of your university. Along with this, this policy also offers a special basic plan for non-medical benefits which you can read about by clicking here.

Comprehensive coverage through multiple unique benefits:

Travel Care Policy from Reliance General Insurance is visionary and protects you from unforeseen situations with benefits like bail bond, study interruption, sponsor protection etc.

Bell Bond- If the student is arrested while abroad for a bailable offense or is arrested by the police, the company will pay the bail amount.

Study Interruption- If the student’s studies while abroad are interrupted due to hospitalization, the insurance company will refund the semester fees already paid.

Sponsor Protection- If the sponsor who takes care of the tuition fee of the student is injured or dies, for the remaining course, the insurance company reimburses the tuition fee up to the sum insured for the remaining period of education.

Covers medical expenses including transportation and evacuation:

The insurance company takes care of the emergency medical expenses in case of injury to the student abroad. The policies also cover medical emergency expenses for medical evacuation in India. Dental expenses are also taken care of for any acute anesthetic treatment of teeth due to injury and compensation is also paid in case the student unfortunately suffers accidental bodily injury during the journey.

Policy Term and Extension- The policy can be availed for a period of 2 years as per the requirement of the University.

Two-way Compassionate Visit Benefit
If a student is hospitalized for an illness, such as chicken pox, for more than seven days, the insurance company may require an immediate family member to visit the student after receiving confirmation of the need for a companion from the attending physician. Returns where Remembers (returns) for. This is to ensure that you are with your loved ones during an emergency.

Like academics, insurance is all about preparedness. While studying abroad, the last thing you and your kids should worry about is financial woes, but life has a way of not going according to plan. Hence, getting student travel insurance is a wise move as soon as your children are ready to travel abroad for higher education. This will not only keep them safe from those unforeseen events of life but will also give them peace of mind to pursue their dreams without any worries.

Disclaimer: This article has been produced by Times Internet’s Spotlight team on behalf of Reliance General Insurance.



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