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These accounts have to be taken care of in the interview, after which you can become IAS, IPS

IAS Interview Preparation: UPSC Civil Services Exam is considered to be one of the toughest exams in the world. It has three stages Pre, Mains and Interview. Candidates who pass the pre exam appear in the mains exam and those who clear the mains get a chance to appear for the interview. Although the candidates who reach the interview give their lives so that the interview becomes clear, but sometimes small mistakes are enough to spoil the impression. Today we know some such etiquette related behavior which is important to keep in mind at the time of interview.

Keep these things in mind at the time of interview

  • Leave the house before time so that if there is any kind of obstacle or problem on the way, then you do not get late.
  • Keep clothes, shoes, hairstyles etc. simple and stay away from flamboyance.
  • Decency should be visible in your clothes as well as in your behavior.
  • After receiving the call, open the door of the room and first ask permission to go inside. Enter only when you have the answer.
  • Greet everyone inside first, first greet the female members then come to the male members.
  • While talking, your voice should neither be too loud nor too soft. Practice this several times before the interview.
  • Unless asked to sit, do not sit and move the chair forward slowly, so that they do not make noise.
  • Keep the posture straight while sitting and the gait should also be confident while entering the room.
  • Keep balanced emotion on the face. Don’t make too serious a pose and don’t smile unnecessarily.
  • Take special care of your tone during conversation. Do not lose your control even if something is being said to provoke you.
  • If you do not know the answer to a question, do not give them a roundabout answer, nor try to trick them. Tell him politely that you do not know the answer.
  • There is no problem in saying politely sorry.
  • Open the door slowly at the time of entry and close it slowly at the time of exit.
  • Don’t forget to thank everyone before leaving.
  • Say something different from the views of the panel, even then take care of gentleness.

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