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UP government will provide online English training to teachers

Digital Desk, Lucknow. The Secondary Education Department of Uttar Pradesh has decided to provide online spoken English training to the teachers of government colleges. It is an attempt to strengthen English education in the state. The curriculum has been designed to provide an English language environment and to provide adequate practice of listening and speaking the English language.

The course will benefit 30,000 teachers and over one crore students enrolled in UP secondary schools from classes IX to 12. Developed by the English Language Teaching Institute (ELTI), Prayagraj, a part of the UP State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT). The unit, the Online English Course, consists of 132 modules of 10 minutes each.

Skand Shukla, Principal, ELTI said, this course is different from the existing private sector courses which provide essential grammar, syntax, common errors and conversation-practice knowledge and also follows normal Indian English based on British pronunciation .

The modules are interactive and there is an assessment at the end of each course module. Vikas Srivastava, Deputy Director, said, as a world language, it is important to make teachers proficient in English. Spoken English will be beneficial for teachers of all fields of science, commerce and humanities.

Director of Secondary Education Sarita Tiwari has asked the Inspectors of District Schools (DIOS) and Joint Directors to ensure training of English teachers in their districts and divisions.

Source: IANS

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