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Zomato’s name is also included in the list of retrenchment companies, about 4 percent of the employees will be laid off.

Zomato Layoff: Indian food delivery app Zomato’s name has also been included in the list of companies laying off employees. According to sources, Zomato has started firing employees from this week itself. At least 100 employees are said to have already been affected in areas such as product, tech, catalog and marketing, although those in the supply chain have not been affected by the layoffs. The company is planning to lay off at least 4 per cent of its total workforce.

Let us inform you that this news of retrenchment has come at a time when Zomato co-founder Mohit Gupta has resigned. If Zomato does this, it will join the list of giants who are laying off employees. The company said the retrenchment would be based on regular performance. The company last week reported a modest loss for the second quarter as its online order volume and value increased.

There are currently around 3,800 employees working in Zomato. In May 2020, the food delivery app laid off 13 per cent of its staff due to the slowdown in business in Corona. Along with this, senior officials are also breaking their ties with Zomato. Earlier this week, Zomato announced that Rahul Ganju is also leaving the company. Along with this, the company’s Deputy Chief Financial Officer Nitin Savara and Vice President for Global Growth Siddharth Jhawar have also recently severed their ties with the company.



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