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Do these five courses sitting at home in the new year, this way your income will increase.

If you want to increase your income sitting at home, then you can achieve higher position in your career with the help of these 5 courses like Graphic Designing, Online MBA, Social Media Marketing, Programming and Photography.

Graphic Designing

If you are excited about sketching and designing then graphic designing is better for you. You can work on Photoshop and famous graphic designing software. Many websites of online courses can help you in this. This degree is in great demand in many companies. With the help of this course you can improve your career.


This is the era of social media, in which good photos are needed to share, whether they are personal or professional, you can create stories through a series of good photos. Now there are many companies which are offering online photography courses. When you complete the training, you can work as a freelance or take a job for advertising agencies, television channels etc.

Social Media Marketing

If you are inclined towards business or you have the ability to run a company, then social media marketing course will prove to be better for you. Nowadays, social media is being used to promote our products. If you want to tell the world about your company, then what better way than social media promotion. You can promote your business online through social media mediums like Facebook, Twitter etc.


An important part of creating a website is programming. Different programming languages ​​should be learned. Programmers basically code algorithms in programming languages ​​so that the program works properly. You can learn programming online if you are interested in solving complex algorithms. Help solve complex code on the backend to keep programs on the front-end of a website running smoothly. Today big companies keep CTC worth lakhs for programming posts.

Online MBA

MBA is in trend these days. Even after doing engineering courses etc., people achieve MBA. About 50 percent of the students achieve MBA degree. Now it has become easy to do MBA sitting at home. Many universities are offering online MBA courses, by doing which you can get a job worth lakhs sitting at home.

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