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Indian Navy Day today, know the major works of Navy

Indian Navy Day Significance: It is the responsibility of the Indian Navy to ensure that there is no attack on India from the sea. The Indian Navy has many times repelled ships and submarines of countries planning to attack India. Indian Navy celebrates today as its Foundation Day. This year the theme of this day is “Navy dedicated to the defense of the nation”.

On this theme, the Indian Navy wants to demonstrate its commitment to the defense of its nation. On this day, ceremonies are organized at various bases and ships of the Indian Navy. Indian Navy soldiers are honored in ceremonies. The Indian Navy is an important part of the armed forces of India. It plays an important role in protecting India’s maritime borders and protecting India’s economic interests.

What are the main functions of the Navy?

  • Protecting India’s maritime borders
  • Protecting India’s economic interests
  • Participating in disaster relief and rescue operations
  • Promoting international peace and security

importance of this day

This day is to remember the brave sailors who have served the country or are still serving the country. This is also an opportunity to remember the heroes who protected our country. On this day, the Indian Navy displays its impressive naval parade and latest naval technology. This also explains the importance of maritime security. Indian Navy is ranked seventh among the top 10 navies of the world. This navy is the most powerful in South Asia.

major army of india

Indian Army, Air Force and Navy are three parts of the Indian Armed Forces. The Indian Army protects the ground. The Navy protects the country from attacks from the sea while the Air Force protects the country from attacks from the sky.

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