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Is there any problem in making time table? These tips can help you, take notes immediately

How to make effective time table: Be it preparation for board exams or revision time-table plays an important role. With this, studies are done properly, no important topic is missed and discipline comes in life. You set targets for yourself and feel confident when you achieve them. Therefore, do not consider the time taken in making time table as a waste of time and do complete planning first and then start studying.

Check the format from the net

There are many ways to make a time table, if you want, you can choose the method you like by looking at its format from the net. Along with this, many software also comes using which you can make a good time table in less time. If you do not want to follow these methods then make it in the traditional way in the copy itself.

First see the remaining syllabus

In the beginning you will have to work a little hard for this work and the first step is to test yourself. According to the time left from now till the exam (leave 15 days before the paper), first of all check what is left in which subject. How much is ready, how much needs to be prepared and approximately how much time it will take to do it. What are the important subjects to which more time needs to be given and which can be done with less time.

study multiple subjects

Keep one thing in mind that give priority to your time-table as per the need but try to study as many subjects as possible in a day. Changing the subject changes the mind and removes boredom. You will start feeling the change even while studying.

Have a realistic time-table and don’t over-burden yourself

Make a time-table that you can follow, that is, it should be practical. Do not make such rules that you cannot follow them. Make it according to your capacity, your nature and your studies. Divide your time according to what time of the day it is possible for you to study. After finishing all the work outside the house, choose a time when you can study comfortably. Otherwise, it is time to study and you have gone to coaching or are out with friends. Don’t make it such that routine life gets disrupted so much that you start feeling pressure.

Be flexible and take breaks

While making the time-table, it would be better if you keep aside some time in which you can complete the tasks which you have not been able to complete. It is not necessary that you will not be able to complete the task every day, but on the days when this is not possible, use that time to complete the target and if this time is left, then have fun in it. Take extra time i.e. be flexible and allot proper time for breaks along with studies. From revision to making notes and solving practice papers, include every little detail in your schedule.

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