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JEE Main exam will be held in January, do revision like this in these remaining days, note down useful tips

JEE Main 2024 Revision Tips: There is not much time left for the conduct of JEE Main January session. January session or first session examination will be conducted between 24 January to 1 February 2024. The candidates who are appearing in the examination will be at the final stage of preparation i.e. doing revision. In such a situation, many times the question comes to mind that how to revise so that no important topic is left out, time is used optimally and preparation can also be good. Today we have brought some tips for you, keeping in mind that you can prepare well for JEE Main January session in this remaining time.

Follow these tips for revision

  • The best strategy for revision is to divide the remaining time equally according to the subjects.
  • Make a plan for the weeks and decide which subject and which topics you have to finish in which week.
  • Take time out for a day, sit down and chalk out the entire plan. Now the next important step is to not only make a plan but also follow it.
  • Whatever target you make for the day, complete it. Get up every day only after revising the prescribed syllabus.
  • At this time, do not go into depth at all and revise only the broad points.
  • Revise formulas, periodic table all these thoroughly.
  • Give mock tests and focus specifically on the areas where you are making mistakes.
  • In this remaining time, see where you need more improvement. Give more time to the same area.
  • Do not leave any important topic and revise all of them from one side.
  • After planning for the week, make a plan for the day and go to bed only after completing it every day.
  • In the last set of studies before sleeping at night, go to sleep only after revising and confirming what you have studied for the whole day.
  • Similarly, when you start the next day, first revise the previous day’s work and move ahead only after confirming it.
  • Collect all the notes you have made so far and study from them only.
  • Understand your weak and strong points and spend time on them as per need.
  • You can make flash cards and do revision using them.
  • Do not start anything new and keep solving practice test papers continuously.
  • Get enough sleep, stay relaxed, do exercise and meditation and take care of your physical and mental health.

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