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Read from book or guess paper, which will get you good marks?

Board Exam 2024 Preparation Tips: The preparation time for board exams is going on and every student is trying day and night to make the best possible preparation. Candidates also want to adopt whatever tips and tricks are necessary for this. In such a situation, a question also arises that which way is better to study while preparing for the exam? We are talking about guess papers and books. Many students like to study from guess paper while many students prefer books. Let us know which method is better.

guess paper or books

According to experts, there is no comparison between these two. All the topics are given in detail in the books, hence the information, knowledge and total coverage that you will get by reading the books cannot be obtained from the guess paper. So is it useless to study from guess paper? This thought comes to mind. The answer is no, studying from guess paper is not useless. Guess papers are a great way to revise and study in short.

depends on your situation

Whether you choose guess paper or books depends on how far your preparation has reached, how much preparation time you have left and what topics you have to finish in this time. If you want to be prepared for any answer, want thorough knowledge and want to do effective answer writing, then books are your best companions. Finally, if you want, use guess paper for revision.

When are gas papers useful?

Not only are guess papers best for revision, they also work well in situations where you have less time to prepare. Whether the syllabus is more, you are still lagging behind for some reason or just passing the exam is your goal and grades do not matter to you. In these conditions you can choose guess paper. However, keep in mind that it is a bit difficult to get good marks in guess paper when you have not read the books.

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