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Score more marks with less effort in board exam, these methods will get you good marks

How to score more in board exams in less hardwork: There are only a few months left for the board exams to begin and at this time students must be preparing vigorously. In such a situation, there are some students who work hard but still do not get marks, while there are some students who are getting good results with less hard work. If you also wonder how this can happen, then these tips may be useful to you. Actually you need to study smart.

there is no shortcut

First of all, understand one thing that there is no shortcut to study and hard work. But by keeping some small things in mind, you can try to score well with less effort. This is called smart study and it can get good marks in board exams.

Take care of these small things

  • First of all understand the syllabus and see which subjects are important. Focus specifically on them and prepare them first.
  • You will find such topics in class, from lecture time to solving sample papers. Prepare them properly.
  • The thing to focus more on during preparation is presentation. How do you write answers, how do you present them. How many graphs and diagrams are made, all this is very important.
  • Keep these things in mind during answer-writing practice. This will give your answers more marks.
  • Make a lot of diagrams, label the diagrams, make graphs, flow-charts wherever required and get good marks.
  • Practice hard with practice papers and learn time management. This is a quality that you have to develop even before studying. It is very important that the paper is completed on time and not missed.
  • Keep revising every day. Whatever you prepare, revise it well otherwise there is no point in putting in the hard work of studying.
  • Make a revision strategy and start and end revision every day and do not save it for later.
  • Make your notes, these will be very useful later. Follow your own style, time and method of studying, do not copy anyone. Read as you like.
  • We don’t even realize when smart phones, especially social media, consume all our time. Keep distance from them.
  • Prepare with pictures, it makes things easier to understand.
  • You can do group study and explain your studied topic to someone else, your topic will be confirmed.
  • Maintain your body clock and be neither overconfident nor underconfident.

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