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Speed ​​up your board exam preparation during winter vacation, take advantage of the holidays like this

Board Exam Preparation In Winter Vacation: Winter vacations have either happened or are about to happen in almost all schools. Most schools are closed at the end of December and open in January. These rules differ from place to place, but broadly speaking, winter holidays happen everywhere. This time can be best utilized for preparing for board exams. Actually, this is the time when you do not have to go to school. In such a situation, both the preparation done for it and the time taken on the way are saved. That means you get more time than on normal days. Know how to make best use of this time.

plan in advance

This time is an opportunity which you must cash in. The first step for this is to plan your holidays from now. What will you study on which day, which subject will you give more time to and which subject will you complete revision etc. If there is no planning then half the time will be wasted. Therefore, it would be better to plan ahead of time and chalk out the entire plan.

Best time for this work

Look at the syllabus and separate the high weightage topics from it. If any of these topics has been missed due to some reason, then pay attention to it at this time. Overall, if there is a problem in any subject or any topic demands more practice, then complete it at this time. Where you have lagged behind in your preparation, or have missed any part, now is the best time to cover-up it.

revise and test

Use this time for revision. There will be some parts which will be completely complete, revise them thoroughly. Give them a test after revision so that you know in which area you are making mistakes or where more work is needed. You can work on that week area at this time. Overall, this is also the time to work on your weekends. The extra time you were looking for has been found. Take advantage of it and remove whatever shortcomings there are within this time.

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