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The number of students taking admission in MCD primary schools of Delhi has decreased, what is the reason? know

Delhi MCD Primary School Student Enrolment: There has been a significant decline in the number of enrollment of students in the primary schools of Municipal Corporation of Delhi. The latest report has revealed that compared to last year, about 76 thousand less students were enrolled in primary schools here this year. If we talk in terms of numbers, last year till the month of October there were 2.5 lakh new enrollments whereas this year this number came down to only 2.1 lakh. Let us try to find out what is the reason behind this.

What do the statistics say?

According to TOI report, if we talk about the next level, this year the total number of students studying in MCD schools came down to only 7.8 lakh whereas last year it was 8.6 lakh. When officials were talked to about this, they gave this answer.

What do the officials say

In this regard, officials say that many students enrolled with MCD schools were not active for a long time. When the names of such students were removed from the school, a decline in the total number of enrollments was noticed. Along with this, due to opening of nurseries in government schools of Delhi, there were less enrollments in MCD schools.

notices given repeatedly

When there was further discussion about low enrollment in MCD schools, it came to light that since the time of Covid, there were many children who disappeared from school. There is no trace of him for years. Such students were identified and notices were sent to them thrice in a gap of 6 months but there was no response from them or their families. He has been missing from school for years. In such a situation, when these students were removed from the list, there was a decrease in the total enrolments.

The total number of admissions is close to the target

In this regard, officials also say that despite the decrease in the number of enrolments, the target of total admission has been achieved. This year the civic body had set a target of two lakh admissions and a total of more than 2 lakh 14 thousand new admissions have taken place.

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