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What is IKS Wiki, how much will students benefit from this special step of the government? Know here

Benefits Of IKS Wiki For Students: The Education Ministry is planning to launch an online repository soon. It will be known as IKS Wiki. Through this, Indian culture and traditional knowledge will be made available to the general public in easy language. In this, topics related to Indian tradition and knowledge will be explained in detail in Indian languages ​​and students will also be connected to it. Students will be able to connect with it through internship. This will be an authentic library through which the whole world will be able to know about the Indian knowledge tradition.

There will be internship program for students

This division has also launched an internship program for students. Its objective is that students can work for the development of IKS Wiki. Students will give their contribution here which should be authentic, research based and based on facts. In return they will be given some stipend. According to media reports, students will be given Rs 1000 per article. However, this amount will be received only if his article meets all the parameters.

Will be available in Indian languages

The information given in this online repository will be in Indian languages ​​i.e. in easy languages ​​which can be understood by the common people. Along with this, it will also be made available in English. Just as Wikipedia is the world’s largest free encyclopedia, similarly it will be a storehouse of Indian tradition and knowledge. Another such repository is also working at present which is called Bharatpedia. It has been made by a private institute. However, IKS Wiki will be the first state sponsored initiative.

What benefits will students get?

Broadly speaking, this can be said only after the launch of IKS Wiki, but from here students can get authentic information related to Indian culture which will help them in many competitive examinations and will also increase their knowledge. They can also contribute in this.

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