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Your child will go to nursery happily, try these tips

First Day Of Nursery School: Preparing the child for the first day of nursery school and sending him happily to school is a task for the parents. Many times children become cranky just because of going to school. As soon as there is a change in the environment they were getting till now, that is, as soon as their comfort zone is broken, they start getting worried. Although this does not happen with everyone, in most cases children do not want to go to school. In such a situation, parents can prepare their child for school by taking care of some small but important things.

Visit the school, meet the teacher

Before sending the child to school, if possible, take the child on a school tour and introduce him to the teachers. Show him the play ground along with the class, tell him where he can play and with whom he can play. Introduce them to other children. Overall, try to introduce him to the school, teachers, school environment etc. With this, when the child goes to school on the first day, he will not feel like a stranger. Tell the teachers about his habits and explain his pluses and minuses to some extent. So that the teacher knows how to deal with him.

Explain from books and stories

Explain the first day of school to your child through books and stories. Take someone else’s example and tell him how he went to school on the first day, how he met the teacher, how he studied, when and how he had lunch, where he went to play etc.

Along with this, talk to the child about what he thinks and feels about school and teachers. If he has any special concerns, deal with them.

go shopping

Another great way to prepare children for school is to do school-related shopping with them and at their discretion. This increases their excitement and they want to go to school and use the things they have bought. Along with this, you can also introduce them to one or two friends in advance so that they get someone to play with.

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