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Abhinav announces new web series, complete team of regional artists ready

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Abhinav dwivedi

New Delhi: After OTT, the face of cinema has completely changed, now it is not necessary for films to be shot only in Mumbai and to have big actors, at the same time it is no longer a guarantee of success. The digital platform has given a lot of opportunities to new artists. In this series, the web series ‘We Are Earners’ starring Abhinav Dwivedi in the lead role is on OTT. Whose shooting is being done in Punjab, Rajasthan, Bihar, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh. Like Abhinav, local actors from states like Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand are in the lead roles.

There will be a story of five friends

According to Abhinav, the story of the series is about five friends who return to Mumbai and then work in the village. He works as an inspiration not only for himself but also for others. The interesting twist of the story is that the five friends meet in Mumbai through social media and everyone is in the same condition and they all decide to return to the village.

These are the artists

Along with Abhinav, other artists include Dev Mishra, Divyanshu Yogi, Shivanshu Yogi, Shivangi Sharma and Arpita Sahu. Abhinav is from Jharkhand, Dev is from Uttar Pradesh, Divyanshu and Shivanshu are from Madhya Pradesh and Shivangi and Arpita are from Bihar.


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