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Akshay Kumar’s daughter Nitara was seen having fun, fans were impressed by her cuteness after watching the video.

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Akshay Kumar’s daughter Nitara was seen having fun.

Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna both remain in the headlines. While Akshay is discussed about his films, Twinkle is discussed about her books and social media presence. Both their children stay away from these discussions, but these days Akshay Kumar’s daughter is also in the news. People have liked Nitara’s cuteness. Actually, recently a video of him has surfaced. Nitara’s fun-filled style has come to light in this video, which is going viral very fast.

Nitara was seen in a fun style

Akshay Kumar is very protective of his family. Even years after the birth of his daughter, he did not show her face to the media. Only recently did he stop hiding his daughter’s face. Recently, Akshay Kumar’s daughter Nitara was seen having fun. She was spotted at an event with her friends without her parents. Nitara looked quite excited. The fans have become very happy to see him running here and there and playing. People are liking her cuteness and that is why she is being praised a lot.

Watch video here

People gave such reactions

After watching the video, a fan wrote on social media, ‘This is so cute.’ Mummy is a mix of Twinkle and Akshay. One wrote, ‘How big she has become and how beautiful too.’ There were many people who were comparing Nitara with her parents. One user wrote, ‘She has definitely gone to Twinkle.’ While another wrote, ‘Exactly like Papa Akshay.’

Will be seen in these films

Let us tell you, Akshay Kumar was last seen in ‘Mission Raniganj’. This year, three big films of Akshay Kumar were released. These include ‘Selfie’ and ‘Oh My God 2’. Selfie could not do much on screen, but ‘OMG 2’ got the love of the fans. Talking about ‘Mission Raniganj’, critics liked Akshay Kumar’s work in this film too. The film did not do well at the box office, but the story of the film was highly appreciated. Soon Akshay Kumar will be seen in many more films, these include ‘Welcome to Jangar’ and ‘Hera Pheri 3’.

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