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Bappi Lahiri became a gold lover because of this Hollywood singer, he has left so much gold behind

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This is why Bappi Lahiri became a gold lover

Today is the birthday of Bollywood industry’s famous pop singer and musician Bappi Lahiri. Bappi Da was born on 27 November 1952 in Jalpaiguri, West Bengal. Bappi Lahiri, who entered the industry in the 80s, ruled Bollywood for a long time. His songs set a new direction for pop singing in Bollywood. His chartbusters created a lot of buzz among the fans. While Bappi Lahiri was known for his uplifting superhit songs, another style of his was very popular among the people. That was his ‘deep love for gold jewellery’. Not only Disco King, Bappi was also known as ‘Gold King’.

Bappi Lahiri used to wear a lot of gold

Yes, it is not hidden from anyone that Bappi Da, who made a distinct identity in the film industry due to his style, loved wearing gold. Apart from songs, she was also known for her wearing of gold jewelery and love for gold. Bappi was the only singer who was seen wearing a lot of gold. Along with gold, he was also very fond of wearing nice clothes. Seeing his style, people started calling him an icon.

Bappi became a gold lover because of this person

Bappi himself once said in an interview about his love for gold that he started wearing gold because of a Hollywood artist. Bappi had said, ‘I used to like Hollywood singer Elvis Presley very much. He always used to wear a gold chain around his neck and I liked his style very much. After which he made up his mind that he would also become a successful singer and would wear as much gold as he would be successful.

Bappi Lahari had so much gold

Also, let us tell you that according to the information, Bappi Da had 754 grams of gold and 4.62 grams of silver. Bappi Lahiri had contested the elections in the year 2014. During that time he himself had given this information. Not only this, Bappi’s love for gold was so much that on the occasion of Dhanteras in the year 2021, his wife gifted him a gold tea set. It is said that Bappi Da used to keep the gold very carefully. If sources are to be believed, Bappi Da had collected chains, pendants, rings, bracelets, Ganesha idols, diamond-studded bracelets, even gold frames and gold cufflinks over the years. Which are now kept inside a closed cupboard after his death and are now a part of his family’s heritage.

Bappi Lahari’s songs

It is noteworthy that Bappi had a career of 48 years in the industry. He composed about 5,000 songs in his career. In this, he composed songs in Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi, Oriya, Bhojpuri, Assamese languages ​​as well as Bangladeshi films and English songs. Now with his departure, that disco flavor is definitely missing in the songs.

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