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From ‘Panchayat’ to Ghar Wapsi: 7 web series that help you discover yourself

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New Delhi: In the ups and downs of life, we all face moments when the path ahead seems surrounded by self-doubt. It is during such times when a ray of resilience and self discovery can show us the way. So, here today we have brought for you a web series that will give you a chance to take a sigh of relief. These stories are not just stories; They are a great dose of re-discovering your inner strength and embracing the journey ahead.

‘Panchayat’ Season 1 and 2

Dive into the heart-touching story of self-discovery with ‘Panchayat’ Season 1 & 2 on Prime Video. This Indian web series follows the journey of an engineering graduate leaving an urban career to take up the role of Panchayat Secretary in a remote village. Filled with comedy and reality, the show sheds light on grassroots issues. Which highlights the hero’s passion and dedication towards rural development. ‘Panchayat’ artfully captures the essence of self-love and personal choices.

‘Ayushman Bhava:’

Experience the captivating world of self-discovery with ‘Ayushmaan Bhava’ on Pocket FM. This audio series written by Vivek follows Kanhaiya in his quest for eternal life through a sacred incense stick. In which many interesting twists emerge. Miraculous benefits emerge after every try, which takes the listeners to the next level. Geared for lovers of adventure and drama, ‘Ayushmaan Bhava’ is a must-listen audio series that teaches the lesson of believing in your desires while also dealing with the challenges that come along with you.


The story of a fascinating journey of self-discovery with ‘Ghar Wapsi’ on Disney+Hotstar. Shekhar navigates the complexities of life, returns to Indore after setbacks in Bengaluru. This relatable middle-class family drama delves into the delicate threads of self-esteem while revealing a new perspective on self-love. ‘Ghar Wapsi’ beautifully presents Shekhar’s struggles, making it a compelling guide for anyone looking for personal growth.

‘Aspirants’ Season 1 and 2

Enjoy the compelling narrative of ‘Aspirants’ on Prime Video, where the journey of friends Abhilash, Shwetaketu (SK) and Guri continues as they prepare for UPSC CSE. Skillfully weaving between past and present, the series celebrates true friendship against all odds, imparting valuable lessons in self-love and resilience. As the trio face new challenges, ‘Aspirants’ authentically captures the essence of their struggle, making it a must-watch for its realistic portrayal and the enduring power of camaraderie. Now Abhilash is the District Magistrate in Rampur, Season 2 promises heightened tension and a deeper exploration of ideological disparities. Don’t miss this drama that beautifully highlights the complexities of self-discovery.

college romance 4

Find ‘College Romance Season 4’ on SonyLiv where friends Naira, Karan, Bagga and Deepika reflect on their dreams and struggles after college. From pursuing further studies to starting a business, this united group grapples with uncertainty about the future. This season beautifully reflects the complexities of self-discovery, while celebrating the enduring bond of friendship. Directed by Ashutosh Chaturvedi and Pankaj Mavchi, this Indian Hindi-language series highlights resilience in the face of challenges and the possibilities of the future.

married woman

Dive into the world of ‘The Married Woman’ on ZEE5, where the story of Aastha and Peeplika unfolds against the backdrop of the 90s. Aastha, a devoted housewife, embarks on a poignant quest of self-discovery when she meets Piplika, an unconventional artist. The series beautifully depicts the struggle faced by many women in balancing family roles with personal identity.

half love half arranged

‘Half Love Half Arranged’ on Amazon MiniTV Rhea Kanwar (a single woman), who challenges social norms and faces body type conflict, finds the path to self-love. Faced with family pressures and Aunty Bubbles’ judgment, Ria’s story turns out to be a poignant lesson in self-discovery. The series emphasizes the importance of authentically embracing one’s true self. ‘Love yourself’ emerges as a compelling mantra. With a seamless blend of drama, comedy and emotions, this series is a must-watch for those looking for empowerment and personal acceptance.

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