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Know what the children of these dangerous villains of Bollywood do

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Know what the children of these dangerous villains of Bollywood do

When a child cries in a village 50-50 kilometers away…then the mother says go to sleep, otherwise Gabbar will come. This dialogue of Gabbar Singh, the villain of the film ‘Sholay’, still creates fear in the hearts of people. In Hindi cinema, unless the villain’s dialogue is strong, watching the film is not fun. There is no doubt that the contribution of film heroes is as important as that of villains in raising the flag of Bollywood in the film world. Many villains have come and gone in Bollywood but do you know about their children? Let us tell you today what the sons of famous villains of the 80-90s are doing in real life.

Amrish Puri

Amrish Puri played such dreadful roles in films that even today he is called the number one villain of the industry. Be it Baba Bhairaunath from the film Nagina or Mogambo from Mr. India. Amrish Puri performed tremendous villainy in a brutal manner on screen. Whereas his son Rajiv Puri never showed interest in films. He is a marine navigator while his grandson Vardhan Puri has become an actor in Bollywood.

Suresh Oberoi

Suresh Oberoi has also been a famous villain of his time. Suresh appeared in many small and big roles in Bollywood, but his powerful voice gave him a different identity. Suresh’s voice overpowered Hero. His son Vivek Oberoi also followed his father’s footsteps and decided to pursue acting and earned name in the acting world.

mac mohan

Mac Mohan proved his acting prowess in films like Sholay, Satte Pe Satta and Karz. Like him, his son Vikrant Makjani is also an actor who was last seen in the film ‘The Last Marble’.

MB Shetty

MB Shetty was once an excellent stuntman and villain. His villain character is such that even other actors were afraid of playing such a role on screen. Just like his father, his son Rohit Shetty is also earning name in the film world as a director-producer.

Gulshan Grover

Gulshan Grover is a solid name in the list of Bollywood villains. Gulshan Grover, who has played villain in more than 300 films, is called badman. In the films of 80s and 90s, Gulshan created a lot of hell in the life of the hero. Whereas his son Sanjay has no interest in the film line. He is successful in life as a businessman.

Kabir Bedi

Kabir Bedi captured everyone’s hearts by playing the role of villain in the film ‘Khoon Bhari Maang’. He is called the most handsome villain of Bollywood. But Adam Bedi, from Kabir Bedi’s second marriage, is an international model.

Dilip Tahil

If any villain is remembered for thwarting love, the first name that comes to mind is Dalip Tahil. Dalip Tahil has been seen becoming a villain in ‘Baazigar’, ‘Raja’, ‘Ishq’, ‘Qayamat Se Kamayat’. Dalip’s son Dhruv Tahil is a model in London.

danny denzongpa

Danny made the villain character immortal with his powerful acting in many films. Let there be the death of the deadly person and the glass of the fire path. Danny played many scary roles on the film screen and scared the audience. His son Rinjing is also busy preparing to enter films. Rinzing also wants to follow his father’s footsteps.

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