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Mansoor’s own actions cost him dearly, the court scolded him, said – Trisha should file a case

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Mansoor Ali Khan and Trisha Krishnan.

The case of Mansoor Ali Khan and Trisha Krishnan was gaining prominence in the South Film Industry. Actor Mansoor Ali Khan had given a lewd statement regarding ‘Leo’ fame popular actress Trisha Krishnan. After making the objectionable remarks, he not only refused to apologize but also filed a defamation case against Trisha. Madras High Court heard this case and reprimanded Mansoor Ali Khan. In such a situation, filing the case became a burden on them. The court made it clear that this case was like ‘in reverse, the thief scolding the policeman’.

Mansoor had asked for compensation

The Madras High Court has pulled up actor Mansoor Ali Khan for demanding compensation of Rs 1 crore each from Trisha, Chiranjeevi and Khushboo Sundar. The actor alleged that the trio made derogatory statements against Trisha in public without confirming their statements. The petition was heard on Monday and the actor was pulled up a lot.

Court reprimanded

Justice N Satish Kumar wondered why Mansoor had filed the defamation suit instead of Trisha. He asked, ‘Was the unconditional apology only to avoid arrest? Actually, Trisha should have filed a lawsuit for damages. For what reason has this case been filed in the court? The court questioned him and requested his lawyer to advise him on how to act responsibly in public. The judge also directed Trisha Chiranjeevi and Khushboo to respond to the lawsuit.

Hearing will be held again

Mansoor claimed that he had not personally said anything wrong against any person. His petition states that he was only commenting on the negative aspects that he had played in the past and that some of the scenes he had done were no longer ideal. He reiterated that his statement did not make any personal comments against Trisha or any woman. However, the judge criticized Mansoor for constantly being in controversies. Mansoor’s lawyer presented footage of the actor’s uncut interview where he made the alleged statement. The court adjourned the case to December 22, asking Trisha, Chiranjeevi and Khushboo to present their statements.

Mansoor had refused to apologize

Let us tell you, Mansoor held a press conference on Tuesday, in which he presented his stand and refused to apologize for his statement. He said, ‘I didn’t mean it personally. If there is a rape or murder scene, is it real in the cinema? Does this actually mean raping someone? What does murder mean in cinema? Is it true? Does that mean they’re really killing someone? Why do I need to apologize? I didn’t say anything wrong. I respect all the actresses. Mansoor did not stop there. He also wrote several posts on social media, in which he blamed Trisha. In one, he had apologized sarcastically, after which he immediately retracted that apology and after that he filed a defamation case in the court.

what was the whole matter

First let us tell you how the matter started. Recently, during a conversation, Trisha Krishnan’s ‘Leo’ co-star Mansoor Ali Khan gave a statement, in which he said that when he came to know that he was working with Trisha, he felt that both of them would be together. There will be a bedroom scene, but they did not see Trisha on the set. There was no scene of Trisha and Mansoor Ali Khan together in ‘Leo’. Following Mansoor’s comments, the actress wrote a note on Instagram, saying that she will make sure she never has to work with Mansoor in her life.

This was Mansoor’s statement

According to an ANI report, Mansoor reportedly said during an interview, ‘When I heard that I was acting with Trisha, I thought there would be a bedroom scene in the film. I thought I could take her to the bedroom like I had done with other actresses in my previous films. I have done a lot of rape scenes in many films and this is not new to me, but these people did not even show Trisha to me on the sets during the Kashmir schedule.

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