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Police caught these 4 accused in Rashmika Mandanna deep fake case

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4 accused arrested in Rashmika deep fake case

A morphed video of Rashmika Mandanna had gone viral on social media some time ago. The face of the girl seen in the video was transformed into Rashmika’s face during editing. There was a lot of uproar regarding this on social media. AI’s deepfake technology was misused throughout the video. This matter had escalated so much that even the police had to become a part of it. Police are continuously investigating Rashmika’s viral video. Meanwhile, an update has come out regarding the deepfake viral video of Rashmika Mandanna.

4 accused arrested in Rashmika deep fake case

Actually, there is news that the police have detected four suspects in the Rashmika Mandanna deep fake video case. No one has been arrested yet, they are just interrogating those who uploaded and made something viral. Till now Delhi Police has not been able to reach the people who had made this deep fake video. Recently, while tweeting on this matter, ANI has written that the police say that they have located four suspects involved in the case of deep fake profile of actress Rashmika Mandanna. According to the police, these people are not makers but uploaders. In such a situation, the police is currently searching for the main conspirator in the case.

Learn about the case in detail

Actually, a few days ago, a video of Rashmika Mandanna was widely shared on social media in which a woman like her is seen inside the lift, which was being viral as Rashmika. Later Amitabh Bachchan explained this entire matter on his Twitter handle. While sharing the original video, he made people aware that the person seen in the video is not Rashmika but Zara Patel, a social media blogger who lives abroad. After watching the video, anyone will immediately feel that the girl seen is none other than Rashmika. After Big B, Rashmika Mandanna herself had also given clarification on this matter and said that this video is completely viral. As soon as this video went viral, everyone from South to the Cabinet Minister had expressed their opinion and also talked about appropriate action.

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