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There was a fierce fight between Vicky and Ankita because of ‘Bigg Boss’

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Vicky cheated on Ankita?

Shocking twists are emerging every day in Salman Khan’s most controversial reality show ‘Bigg Boss 17’. Sometimes a fight is seen in the show and sometimes a breakup is seen. Getting more interesting every day. This season is quite different from other seasons of Bigg Boss because this time Bigg Boss is also playing with the minds of the contestants. Because of which fights are being seen in the house every day. Meanwhile, Bigg Boss is going to make a fight between two contestants once again in the upcoming episode of the show. Those contestants are none other than husband and wife i.e. Ankita Lokhande and Vicky Jain. The promo of the upcoming episode of the show has come out, in which Bigg Boss makes Vicky do something, seeing which Ankit gets furious and she even tells her husband that you are using me like a game.

Vicky cheated on Ankita?

In the recent promo video of Bigg Boss 17, it is being shown how the housemates get a chance to change houses and everyone becomes very happy. But when Ankita and Vicky talk to Bigg Boss, Bigg Boss plays a trick and gives both of them a chance to nominate each other in exchange for the house. Ankita comes out of the trap laid by Bigg Boss by saying that she cannot nominate her husband. But Vicky gets trapped in the trap of Bigg Boss and he nominates Ankita. After which Bigg Boss exposes Vicky in front of all the contestants of the house. Seeing all this, Ankita gets furious and starts a heated argument with Vicky.

Ankita made this allegation on Vicky

Further in the promo, it can be seen how Ankita lashes out at Vicky and scolds him fiercely. After which Vicky says that he is just playing the game. Hearing this from Vicky, Ankita gets more angry and tells him that he is also using her as a game. Vicky becomes silent after hearing this from Ankita. Let us tell you that earlier Vicky had called his marriage an investment and this also hurt Ankita a lot.

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