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This character is returning to put brakes on the falling TRP of ‘Anupama’.

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Cast of ‘Anupama’.

‘Anupama’ TV show has now become a pain in the neck for people. Every day the viewers watching the show are thinking that maybe now a new turn will come and the story of the show will gain momentum, but it does not seem to be happening. The makers of the show had announced the leap a long time ago, but even after many days of the promo, the whereabouts of the leap are not known. The TRP of the show is continuously falling. Meanwhile, the makers are playing new tricks one after the other. Sometimes the makers are showing people the way out of the show and sometimes they are making entry of new people in the show and now it has reached the limit. Now once again the character who had left the show is being brought back.

This character is coming back

‘Anupama’ makers have made many changes and till now all have been flops. Fans did not like even a single change and it had a direct impact on TRP. Now Anupama’s elder daughter-in-law Kinjal is being brought back to take charge of the boring show. Nidhi Shah will once again be seen in the show, that is, once again Paritosh’s wit and Kinjal’s wisdom will be seen. Maybe this move of the makers will work this time. Well, a few days ago, Anupama’s elder daughter-in-law Kinjal and Paritosh were sent abroad, with which Kinjal’s track was over, but now some of Kinjal’s fans are happy with her return and some are disappointed.

There will be twists in the show

Recently, Kinjal i.e. Nidhi Shah has spoken to ETimes about her comeback in ‘Anupama’. She told that she is returning to the show because her character is needed to take the track of the show forward. Kinjal will be brought back before the upcoming leap of the show. Not only this, Nidhi says that her character will be seen in the show even after the leap. Kinjal also revealed that she was not thrown out of the show, just given a break. Even he had no idea that he would return to the show so soon. Along with this, Nidhi says that many twists are going to come in the show.

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