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2 cloves of garlic can cure many diseases, know how to eat it

Garlic Benefits: Winter brings with it many diseases and infections. In such a situation, only 2 cloves of garlic can be beneficial. Garlic is not only good for taste but also good for health. It is like a medicine, which works to protect against flu, cold, cough and cough. Daily consumption of garlic is also considered beneficial for heart, brain and muscles. It reduces triglyceride level in the body. This also reduces the risk of heart diseases, helps in controlling diabetes and increases the immunity of the body. Let us know the way to eat garlic…

body warmth in winter

Garlic can help in keeping the body warm in cold weather. Many nutrients like phosphorus, potassium, calcium, iron and copper are found in garlic. Vitamin C and B6 are found in it. It strengthens the immunity of the body. Garlic protects the body from seasonal infections. Being rich in antioxidant properties, garlic reduces oxidative stress. This helps in repairing cell damage caused by the presence of free radicals in the body. In winter, you can consume garlic by including it in your food or by making garlic chutney.

Raw garlic will cure heart diseases

Many researches have found that raw garlic is beneficial for heart health. It keeps the body away from many problems. According to a research published in the Journal of Nutrition, eating raw garlic can remove blockage of arteries. Alisic is found in it, which thins the blood, due to which blood flows easily from the heart. It reduces cholesterol level. This keeps the heart healthy. Taking raw garlic with a glass of water on an empty stomach in the morning is very beneficial.

Benefits of garlic tea

If you have trouble eating raw garlic, then you should prepare tea from it and drink it. For this, take a cup of water, crush a clove of garlic and put it in it. After this add half teaspoon cinnamon powder. Boil the water for about two minutes, turn off the flame and filter it. Mix one teaspoon honey and half teaspoon lemon juice and consume. By consuming garlic with tea, one can get all kinds of nutrients.

Eating garlic chutney is beneficial

Garlic chutney is very tasty. Its consumption is considered healthy. By eating this, problems like flu, cold, fever, cough and cold stay away from the body, it also protects the body from many types of infections. Eating garlic strengthens the body’s immunity. Flavonoid and allicin elements are found in it, which reduce thyroid. To make garlic chutney, take red chilli and garlic, add salt, coriander and curd and grind it. If you want, you can also take dry mango powder instead of curd. Grind all these things in a mixer, heat mustard oil in a pan and add cumin seeds. Now add all these in chutney, cook well and consume.

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