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After Corona, now another epidemic has come, the young population is falling prey to it, WHO has also warned!

Global Health Threat: Loneliness is considered dangerous for mental health. Today, a large population of the entire world is struggling with mental health problems. According to health experts from different countries, loneliness can cause not only mental but also physical problems. People who stay alone for a long time struggle with thoughts like depression, stress and suicide. This is the reason why WHO has considered loneliness as a serious health problem (Global Health Threat). The World Health Organization says that the problem of loneliness is spreading rapidly across the world. Many countries including India are in its grip. This is being seen as a new epidemic. Let us know its dangers…

how dangerous loneliness is

According to a WHO report, the problems caused by loneliness in a person can be as dangerous as the harm caused by smoking 15 cigarettes a day. According to the report published in The Guardian, the World Health Organization has started a commission in Japan to improve social relations between people. This commission is a special global initiative to eliminate the problems caused by loneliness among people, with the help of which it is hoped that this menace can be reduced.

Youth victims of loneliness in India

According to a research published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health in May 2022, the problems caused by loneliness seem to be increasing rapidly among the youth of India. It has also been told in this report that about 20.5% of adult people above the age of 45 are facing problems due to loneliness.

Why is the problem of loneliness increasing?

According to well-known psychiatrists of the country, mental health issues are increasing rapidly among the youth. Youth living in urban areas are becoming more victims of loneliness due to problems like work culture, routine, being away from home and family.

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