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After waking up in the morning on an empty stomach, do not take gas pills, eat only this one thing, you will never have problems.

The problem of gas and acidity is becoming common these days. Due to poor eating habits, changing lifestyle and stressful lifestyle, most of the people suffer from problems like gas, acidity, stomach ache and constipation. In case of gas problem, excess gas formation in the stomach causes flatulence, stomach pain and indigestion. In such a situation, people eat gas as soon as they wake up in the morning to get relief from it, but do you know that there is something in your kitchen which can be eaten to get rid of problems like gas and acidity. Let us know here..

Know how to use celery 
If you also have problems like gas, acidity or fullness after eating heavy food, then Eat 1 spoon celery after meals. This will give you immediate relief. Also, by eating 1 teaspoon celery every morning on an empty stomach, there will be no problem of gas and acidity throughout the day. If you want, you can also eat celery mixed with black salt, this will provide relief even faster. For severe problems, one should drink celery water every morning on an empty stomach, it will remove gas-acidity completely. 

Know how celery removes acidity 
Celery is very effective in providing relief from acidity. Let us understand how it works. Celery has anti-acid properties. That means it reduces the amount of acid in the stomach. Besides, it balances the pH level of the stomach due to which the acidic environment of the stomach becomes normal. Celery also promotes digestive enzymes which help in digestion of food and reduce acid. Additionally, celery also protects the lining of the stomach so that food acids do not come in direct contact with it. In this way, celery naturally reduces acidity and improves stomach health. If you consume celery daily, you will not need to take medicine. 

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