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An angry boss of big work, such ability comes to the fore, if you don’t believe then read this report

People say that bosses who get angry too much spoil the work environment. But a recent report has changed it a bit. This report shows that sometimes, when the boss is strict, the hidden strengths and skills within us come out. How working under a tough boss can make us stronger. Can hard work and challenges really help us improve? So let’s see about this report.

Know about the research 
Research by Professor Jeffrey of Stanford University has shown that sometimes in the office -It is good to show anger sometimes. This shows that the boss cares about the work and also puts the employees on alert. Showing a little anger at the right time can increase the enthusiasm and passion of the team. This also shows the strength and determination of the boss. If anger is shown thoughtfully and just a little, it can make the office environment conscious and competitive. 

Know what the report says 
strong>In the world of psychology, there are five main qualities of personality, and one of these qualities is ‘Agreeableness’. Agreeable people are those who work well with others and consider humility important. At the same time, people who do not agree easily, often have a critical attitude and are ready to fight. 

Anger leads to better performance 
An interesting study was conducted on this topic at the University of Amsterdam. In this research, people with agreeable and disagreeable personalities were placed in different groups and their work was given feedback in two different ways. One reaction was filled with joy and appreciation, while the other reaction was filled with anger and resentment. The study concluded that when a group of people who disagreed received angry feedback, their performance improved. He felt he needed to prove something, and this motivated him to work harder. But the angry reaction had the opposite effect on a group of people who agreed. He felt disappointed by this and his performance became weak. 

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